What's Keeping Lumines Off The PlayStation Network

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The original Lumines and its sequel took advantage of all the PSP had to offer. You'd think that the puzzle music game would be penciled in for new Sony portable, the PSPgo. You'd think.

Q Entertainment's Twitter feed explains why the game isn't available on the PlayStation Network Store — and in turn, the digital download only PSPgo.

"We would love to bring Lumines/Lumines II to the PSN store," the Q Entertainment Twitter reads, "but there are complications, music licensing, was published by Namco, etc." That was followed up with a: "That said, we're obviously looking into it. :)"


News : Publisher, music issues keep Lumines off PSP Go [PSP] [GamePro]

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Man... back when I had a PSP Lumines was basically the only game I played on it. I only stuck with the device through about the first year and a half the PSP was out, when there were practically no games worth playing (especially compared to the DS). Sometimes I regret selling it... #psn