Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Staggers Out DLC

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Four new multiplayer maps and two Fire Team Engagement missions are out for the PC version of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising tomorrow, with its console cousins receiving a title update before the DLC sees release.


The Skirmish downloadable content pack for Dragon Rising comes out for free on the PC tomorrow, bundled with a title update that will take care of various single and multiplayer issues that players have been complaining about since the game was released. The four new maps - Lumberyard, White Fang, Stomping Grounds, and Force Dispersal - along with the All Round Defence and Uphill Struggle FTE missions will be available for free download for the PC version of the game starting tomorrow.

For console owners, the 5th of November will see the release of a title update for the Xbox 360 version, with the PlayStation 3 title update following shortly after. The Skirmish DLC will be available for both consoles at a later date, running players either 400 Microsoft points or $3.99.

You can check out a full list of the title update fixes for the PC and console versions at the Codemasters community website.


They need to focus on fixing the game up better before they try and pump me for more cash. The game has so much potential but it is spoilt by a lack of quality foound within the game. #operationflashpointdragonrisin...