Nintendo President: Majority Of Video Games Digital In 20 Years

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The clock is ticking on bricks and mortar game retailers. But according to Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, the clock will be ticking for another 20 years before digital distribution takes over and rules the school.

"Most radical people even dare to say that retailers will be replaced by digital distribution in no time," Iwata said at a recent Nintendo briefing. "But personally, I think it will still require a significant amount of time."

By significant, Iwata means two decades. "In other words, it will require many years and months for the majority of video game purchase to become digital," said Iwata. "In short, in 20 years or so I might say it will have probably changed. But in 5 years or so, I do not totally agree with opinions that no one will purchase titles at retailers by then."


Habits of life, Iwata pointed out, don't change such radically and quickly. "Especially for the expanded audience of various people," he added, "to whom we are and will be trying to appeal, I believe their habits will change more slowly."

Twenty years? Won't we have flying cars then?

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