Nintendo Won't Commit To A 2010 Zelda

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During an interview on GameTrailers TV yesterday, Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime was quizzed on whether we'd see Zelda on the Wii next year. His response? Hedge-betting.

"We haven't committed to Zelda in 2010" he told GTTV host Geoff Keighley. Which will obviously upset those keen enough to hope for Zelda in 2010, but also stupid enough to have expected a game that hasn't even been officially shown off yet to be out in the next year.

Especially when it's a "proper" Zelda game, the last one of which took about 173 years to come out.


[Nintendo On GameTrailers TV]

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Man i used to be such a huge Nintendo fan. Oot was the best game ive ever played. But then..while loving my N64 i noticed the yearly gaps between the actual great games, and noticed it even more on the Gamecube, Untill one day.. i woke up and was like "hang on..there's actually nothing here that interests me grown up..and there was no games to play that didnt make me feel like i was pretending i was 14 againn..i wasn't..and there simply was no games there to cater for my age group except a few Res games and Rouge Squadron. So i said FUCK IT and my next console was an X box360. The enemy. However it soon became savior, and while i was slightly interested in Nintendos next console..once i saw it.. and its games.. i thought "o thank god, thank god i got out when i did, because that could be me, waiting, again for that next epic zelda game or whatever while playing super happy wave balloon 5.

Thank God. #wii