Take-Two: Retail Stores Will Be Here For Awhile

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While download games are certainly becoming more popular, Take-Two CEO Ben Feder doesn't think packaged games are going anywhere anytime soon.


"I think reports on the death of package goods have been greatly exaggerated," Feder told a gathering of analysts in New York earlier today. "Downloadable content is interesting and will continue to be interesting, not because it's eclipsing retail but because of the instant feedback.

"You can learn as you go along" from customers.

Feder said that while he thinks that downloadable content will continue to increase, it won't be at the expense of retail goods or retail stores.


"I'm bullish on downloadable content but not necessarily at the experense of retail stores and packaged goods," he said. "I think package goods are here with us for a long time. I am pretty confident we will be seeing package goods and stores for a long time."

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*sigh* OK, this article would make sense if we were discussing "DLC" that was packaged, and going out of style, but who, the, heck, has ever even 'whispered' about packaged games becoming a thing of the past???

Yes, DLC is all well and good, but it's just not catching fire like the developers thought it would. Also "Downloadable Games" would apply to the 360 ONLY. Why?, because while the PS3 & PC still exist, it just isn't profitable to produce downloadable games. #taketwo