Make Preparations For More Shadow Complex

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You like Shadow Complex? Then you'll be side-scrolled to hear that developers Epic are looking at bringing you more games based in the retro-tinted universe.

A job advertisement for Microsoft Game Studios is looking for somebody to work "with an experienced team at MGS and the world-class developers at Epic to drive the success of Gears of War and Shadow Complex in the highly competitive and fascinating world of interactive entertainment".

Exciting. We'd have pointed out the Gears part too, but news of more Gears of War games is like news of the sun's rising.


Microsoft hunts producer for new Epic games [Develop]

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I find it hugely entertaining that gamers will boycott a product because it is loosely based on ideas presented by a sci-fi writer that in his personal life has expressed disagreement with the gay culture. The actual game in question contains no mention of these beliefs whatsoever and was not penned by the author in question, but people boycott it anyway.

Then along comes a game that features graphic depictions of unarmed civilians being gunned down in an airport and allows players to participate, but that's totally okay because they give you the option to skip it and pretend it doesn't exist.

Oh gamers......such a strange and interesting value system you have.