Square Enix Already Rolling Out Paid Gyromancer DLC

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In the grand tradition of My Life as a Dark Lord for WiiWare, Square Enix releases a batch of tiny paid downloadable content for two-day old puzzle RPG Gyromancer.


To be fair, the downloadable content for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Dark Lord came out the same day the game was released on WiiWare, and Square Enix waited a whole two days before releasing paid DLC for Gyromancer, but much of it is every bit as ridiculous.


Like Dark Lord's paid DLC, four of the seven items available for Gyromancer are items to use in battle to earn you an advantage over a foe. For 40 Microsoft points apiece, or $.50, you can purchase the Magic Key, Remedy, Magick Mirror, or Hock of Meat items, each having some sort of beneficial effect on the game board.

Microtransactions don't get much more micro than this, folks.

A bit more useful are the three new maps Square Enix has released for 240 points apiece. Each of the three maps - Dragon's Haven, Rivel's Trial, and The Four - include new monsters you can add to your stable of fighting beasts. In the Four, you must defeat three guardian monsters before facing off against the strongest monster in the game. Well, the strongest monster in the game once you spend $3 at least.

I'm all for downloadable content, but when it comes this soon after a game's release and offers relatively little value it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The new maps and packs for Gyromancer are now available on Xbox Live and Steam.

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This is ridiculous. I can see how they are making games nowadays, it's something like: "Ok folks, we have these maps, these weapons, these quests and these characters, what can we pull out now and release later as a DLC?"

I mean, wtf? Two days? You can clearly see this isn't something that was added to an already created game, It's something that was ripped from the full game to extract even more money from gamers.

I can see clearly what's coming next: "Exclusive DLC: Game Saving Option!" or "Buy the 'Last Boss' DLC to see how the game ends!". Seriously, there's a limit to this kind of thing...

Btw, I just remembered a game that depicts this situation very well: Upgrade Complete([armorgames.com]), take a look, it's very interesting. :D