Haters Gonna Hate

To: Luke
From: McWhertor
Re: Funds Raised!


Well, this week sure was capped with blustering nonsense! I can't wait to drink away this work week's worth of silliness, conclusion-jumping and finger-pointing, forgetting my troubles with a few games of Left 4 Dead 2 and whatever libation I choose to purchase from my local Vons. Look, I realize I bring up Left 4 Dead a lot, but it—and its predecessor—happens to be one of the few online shooters that somehow maintains a stranglehold on me for longer stretches than the average game.

Perhaps the only other games to do so were Counter-strike and Team Fortress 2. See a pattern there?


Anyway, I know you're flying the Kotaku Starship solo tonight, so best of luck out there.

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Never heard of the Kotaku Starship. Hope Luke avoids any necromorph outbreaks.