Turkey Day

To: Luke
From: Crecente

I know the concept of roasting a mostly-flightless, absurdly fat bird and eating it to celebrate the survival of a winter in a strange land, is a foreign concept to just about anyone who isn't from North America.

But that's how we roll. And man is it fun to do. Not only do you get to eat all sorts of food with abandon, the entire day is centered around that eating. Imagine, no guilt, no work to do, just food to cook and eat and eat and eat.

So great.

Oh, and there are things to talk about being grateful for. For me it's my family, my life and my job. What about you?


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I think Thanksgiving should confront history with more fairness. Childhood memories of Thanksgivings' historical representation involve things like Pilgrims eating with Indians at a big table, all happy and such. It ignores the reality of trade, war alliances, conquering land, enslavement, assimilation, and (as I would argue) genocide. I think we should confront our history and acknowledge what our ancestors did was wrong instead of creating myths.