Your Black Friday Reference Guide To Game Shopping

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It's Black Friday and many of you are probably already in the shopping trenches, elbow-deep in hysterical deal-hunters and holiday shoppers.


Over the week we've compiled a number of platform specific reference guides for you to use to help decide which games to buy and which to avoid when shopping for gaming friends and family this year.

Here's how you use the guides:
Click on the platform link.
Sort through the alphabetical listing for the game you are considering.
Read the summary, perhaps go to the full review.
Use the delicious brains in your head to decide whether to purchase said game as a gift.

We'll be updating the guide with more games as we continue to review titles through the remainder of the year.

Now have at it!

The iPhone Gamer's Gift Guide
The DS and DSi Gift Guide
The PlayStation Portable Buyer's Guide
The Wii Buyer's Guide
The PC Buyer's Guide
The Xbox 360 Buyer's Guide
The PlayStation 3 Buyer's Guide



Steam dropped L4D2's price down to just under 38 bucks today... which means I just saved 8 bucks by buying it at Gamestop.