Survey Points to Potential New Features in NCAA 11

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An EA Sports survey asks respondents which feature, from a list of 13, would most likely drive their purchase of NCAA 11. Possibilities include an "athletics director" mode, and broadcast presentation similar to what was done in NCAA Basketball 10.

Pasta Padre got his hands on a screenshot of the survey from a tipster, which you can see on his blog. Hypothetical gameplay upgrades include spread and no-huddle offenses (with specific animations, such as looking to the sidelines for the play), and "locomotion gameplay with authentic momentum based physics" and more team-specific authenticity in the offensive gameplans. It also sounds like they're interested in more real coaching personalities, as "active real-life coaches and coordinators" could be on the sidelines. Also, they're mulling having specific coaches themselves call signature plays to you through your headset (or the speakers).

Significantly, "All-New ESPN style TV Presentation with broadcast graphics and special attention to rivalries, bowl games, etc." is listed among the options. When I spoke to NCAA Basketball 10 producer Connor Dougan for this column, I asked if the authentic broadcast presentation in NCAA Basketball 10 would be proof of concept for other EA Sports titles. Dougan demurred, not wishing to speak for other project teams. Its inclusion here indicates the NCAA Football folks in Tiburon are considering it - I hope strongly. It's a great addition to the basketball game and would be even moreso for college football.


Check out the full list at the link and then sound off on what you'd like to see. I think all of these would be great new features for an already excellent, very deep simulation.

Potential Features for NCAA 11 [Pasta Padre]

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

Why does it seem like they put more work into upgrading FIFA and NCAA then Madden, the big cash cow? Or am I mistaken? Folks?