These Shadow of the Colossus Tans Might Be A Lil' NSFW

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Crossing one more game off the Things To Be Moe-fied list is this doujin tribute to Team ICO's PlayStation 2 classic Shadow of the Colossus, a sixteen strong collection of less furry, far cuter colossi that's borderline maximum risky.

That's Valus the Minotaur and Dirge the Sandworm, just with a lot more flesh, the stuff of very bizarre sexual fantasies. But it's also the stuff of Comiket 77, now sadly closed and far out of reach for someone who might want a copy of this "tan" tribute to Shadow of the Colossus.

You can see more of fan artist Shigatake's work at the very, very not-safe-for-work Sankaku Complex, the artist's personal site or his Pixiv account. Any Comiket goers happen to grab a copy of this?


Shadow of the Colossus-tan [Sankaku Complex (NSFW) via Fort90]

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I'd be trying to find a spell to shrink Valus, she's pretty damn sexy. But not so sexy that I'd want to be used as her personal...

Anyways...its amazing how Japanese artist can twist things around and make them so much better. I wonder if its the power of pent up sexual frustration?

Or just do you have to fall into some kinda of level of uber perverseness and be proud of it?

How do you get to that level where you can use it to create such hot things.. out of monsters.

I mean personally I would never have thought of flipping this games enemies over into sexy ladies..

I think that takes some kind of extraordinary outside the box thinking..