CGI Salem And Rios Hit London

Creating the CGI versions of Army of Two: The 40th Day co-stars Salem and Rios for this trailer likely cost more than dressing up two guys in Salem and Rios costumes.

CGI Salem and Rios were last seen using a sniper rifle in EA's offices. Since then they've managed to board a plane carrying weapons and wearing masks, and have made their way to London, where they spent a bit of time completely creeping everyone out with their almost but not quite human movements. Creepy, but you have to love a couple of computer generated mercenaries doing the robot.

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Also... I just want to add that, for the record, the CGI was done very well. I don't get how Mike thinks the movements are 'not quite human...", or how it is considered the least bit creepy. I thought the CGI was excelent, whether you like Armyof Two or not.