Video Games Let Down Mike Tyson On Live TV

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If you are Mike Tyson, the former baddest man on the planet, and you are appearing on WWE's Monday Night Raw, make sure that the boxing video game running behind you doesn't show Muhammad Ali thrashing you.


The blurry image above shows Tyson confronting WWE wrestler Shawn Michaels on Monday Night Raw last night. Tyson had (pretend) punched out Michaels at a Wrestlemania in the late 90s and Shawn was trying to make nice. Tyson, in the segment here, was talking tough and having none of the apology.

Behind these two men was a TV playing last year's Fight Night Round 4, running in its attract/demo mode. Tyson and co-cover-athlete Muhammad Ali boxed. And, unfortunately for Tyson's image, virtual Ali put a pounding on virtual Tyson.

Can you see Tyson being punched in that still shot? See it here in video form on YouTube:

and note that it appeared to be on the verge of happening again when, in another segment, Tyson was interrupted by the WWE's fake Leprechaun:


I used to work in TV. I know it's hard to show video games on TV. There are many risks. So, TV producers out there, be careful! Reminds me of the time I saw people try to do Wii Sports boxing on a talk show and didn't have someone skip the tutorial before they were live on the air.



Mike Tyson terrifies the shit out of me. He looks like hes always barely controlling his unfathomable rage. And it takes everything in him to not destroy everything in his wake.