Recovering From CES... AVN

To: Ash
From: Crecente

It's been a busy month or so for me. And last week was all about the Consumer Electronics Show (and a tiny bit about the AVN). While the show wasn't heavy on over-the-top gaming news, Mike and I managed to get some pretty interesting stories out of our time spent in Vegas.


Mad Catz had a lot to say, as did Razer, and of course there was Capcom, Sony, Microsoft and tons of other bits and pieces.

Tomorrow I'll be wrapping up my stories with a couple of pretty interesting stories about technology crossovers between the adult movie business and video game business, including an interview with a Bell Labs robotics engineer.

What you missed:
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Razer Reinvents, Perfects the Xbox 360 Controller
Final Fight: Double Impact Puts You Back In the Arcade
Nintendo: CEO's Comments On DS Successor Were "Misinterpreted"
Conan And His Mario Backdrop May Leave Late Night
Jeff Gerstmann Takes Your Calls During A Very Special Episode of This Week's Podcast
Frankenreview: Darksiders


Gary Alexander Stott

What's up with all the cross-overs between these two industries as of late? xD