Kotaku's Top 5 List of Top 10 Lists

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Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

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7 Games of the Past Decade That Have Aged Well [The Kartel] This seriously has me jonesing for some Knights of the Old Republic but I simply have too many games I need to be playing for work to go back into that delightful time-suck. That was actually a mistake purchase back in late 2003, when I was an uninformed games consumer even with Crecente sitting two desks away from me. I went to the Best Buy intending to get that Star Wars game with the Force and the lightsabers and stuff (it was Jedi Academy) and picked that up instead. Probably my greatest gaming mistake ever.


10 of Gaming's Greatest AI Characters [Hellforge] This is a very well built list and because of that, it should carry a stern spoiler warning. In fact, for that reason, I won't talk about my favorite one. And now seeing the word "Durandal." has me jonesing for some old school FPSing from the days when the Mac was relevant in that genre. GAH. Why do I get the feeling my next week will be spent amassing old games from Half.com?

Top 10: Video Games We'd Like to See in 3-D [Ask Men] Finally, a current one that - since it deals with nonexistent products - doesn't make me want to buy crap. Unfortunately it takes the NPD big sellers and just 3D imagines them. Well, anyone can do that. I tell you what would be awe-inspiring in 3D - Fallout. Half of the thrill of that game was exploring the wasteland environment and making up the backstory for what exactly took place. Giving it a third dimension of immersion isn't as visually energetic as a racer or action game, but it does have a strong appeal.

Eight Reasons Why Arkham Asylum is a Zelda Game [UGO] Not a true top 10 list, but still a pretty clever screenshot essay. Plus I can't steer away from a take like that. Spoiler alert for the last one if you haven't finished the game (Arkham).

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Top 5 Ways to Get Your Girlfriend Into Gaming [Planet Xbox 360] Girlfriend? What's that?

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The "7 Games of the past decade that have aged well" list has some merits, but is all western games and 2 of them are fps. And why only 7?

(warning: rant ahead)

So, I'd like to contribute some classic Japanese games to that list.

DOA 2: Still as fast, fluid, and accessible as you want it to be. It may not be as pretty as its descendants, but the current foundation of the series was built on this installment. DOA's gameplay has hardly evolved since then, because it was already so polished. Those who say it's not as "deep" as other fighters may be right, but DOA 2 longevity lies in its pick-up-and-play nature.

ICO: An influential, one of a kind experiment that since has been imitated but never equaled (SOC was a totally different game). The subtle bond between the two main characters is mold-breaking and must be experienced to be understood. The elegance of the presentation, the inescapable feeling of vulnerability, and the haunting atmosphere will keep you glued your seat.

Kingdom Hearts: While it's sequels, pre-quels, and spin-offs dabble in key-blades gallore and a MGS-like story that's increasingly less about the crossover than they are about the Organization and pretty nobodies, the original was much more coherent in its straightforwardness. The worlds were better thought-out, the fighting was fun without being marred by excessive reaction commands, and the story was easy to follow without corny dialogue pretending to be drama.

Okami: Has all the exploration, puzzles, and exciting boss fights you'd want in an adventure. Plus the brush mechanic is unique and a joy to tinker with. By sheer technical brilliance and some clever innovation, Okami is as good as any installment of Zelda.

Rez: A rail-shooter that plays like Star Fox, Looks like 4th of July fireworks on crack, and sounds like a techno dance-club. All you need is a sense of rhythm and some fast thumbs.