Nintendo Is January's Hardware Winner Once Again

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Wii fever swept the United States in January, another 465,000 units of Nintendo's white wonder snatched up by consumers. Hey, when you're selling that many copies of New Super Mario Bros. you're gonna need a Wii to play it on.

Nintendo once again took the top two spots in the hardware race in the U.S., with the Nintendo DS platform moving another 422,000 units. Combined with Wii sales for the month, that's another 910,000 smiling owners of Nintendo hardware.

The Xbox 360 put some distance between it and the PlayStation 3, with Microsoft outselling Sony on the now-gen console war by nearly 56,000 units. Fortunately for the PlayStation Family, PSP and PlayStation 2 sales combine to give Sony 418,600 units sold to brag about. Almost as much as the DS!


The U.S. hardware contest, according to NPD Group from January 3 to January 30, was....

  • Wii - 465,800
  • Nintendo DS - 422,200
  • Xbox 360 - 332,800
  • PlayStation 3 - 276,900
  • PSP - 100,100
  • PlayStation 2 - 41,600

Total hardware spend was $353.7 million, way down from the previous January when U.S. consumers blew $446.8 million on consoles and handhelds.

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