Now's Your Chance To Desperately Escape In Resident Evil 5

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Capcom's second heaping helping of Resident Evil 5 drops today, with the release of the Desperate Escape episode starring Josh and Jill, along with new costumes for stars Sheva and Chris.


The circle of downloadable content is now complete, and Resident Evil fans that opted to purchase the DLC instead of waiting for the March 9th release of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition can complete the package. Desperate Escape, available today on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 Microsoft points, sees players taking control of Josh Stone and Jill Valentine as they struggle to escape the Tricell facility towards the end of the main game.

Desperate escape also includes two playable characters for the games Mercenaries Reunion multiplayer mode, Josh Stone and Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil 0.

Costume pack is also available today on the Xbox Live Marketplace. 120 Microsoft points scores you Sheva's business costume and Chris' heavy metal outfit, both of which are new characters for Mercenaries Reunion as well, with their own unique weapon load outs.

PlayStation 3 owners can purchase the new content tomorrow, because Sony loves Thursday.



here's what i dont like... all these pieces of the game i would have gladly paid 80 dollars for in the beginning... but instead they rip and pull and tear out pieces of the game which they "say " there working on or making dlc for but we all know it was originally part of the game to start with. and now they come back to us to eat more dollars.

Now granted i would have no problem with it if say for example the content was after the incident in 5 with wesker and the helicopter but its pieces of the game purposely cut out. which basically tie up all the lose ends of how people got from here to there in 5.

Just seems like really crummy tactics.