Kotaku's PAX East Party: It's A Happening!

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Are you in Boston, Massachusetts and attending PAX East? If you're in the mood to have a wicked pissa of a night, head over to tonight's Kotaku party at the lovely Rattlesnake Bar and Grill. We're buyin'!


Well, Alienware's buying, as they're sponsoring the thing, providing you with refreshments from 8 p.m until 2 a.m. or until the bar tab runs out. Even better? Food! And Alienware laptops! And Mike Fahey and Stephen Totilo, both of whom will, I'm sure, take any drinking contest challenges you throw their way.

You better hurry, 'cause the line may be long. Make your way to the Rattlesnake at 384 Boylston Street, between Arlington and Berkeley, and tell 'em Kotaku sent you.


As you can probably guess, this is a 21 and older only event.

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I'm 15.... and in Michigan... probably not the best combination for going to this :-P