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Trauma Team Undergoes Pre-Op Price Drop

Illustration for article titled Trauma Team Undergoes Pre-Op Price Drop

Atlus' eagerly anticipated surgical simulator Trauma Team for the Nintendo Wii is coming on May 18, and rather than submit the game to Atlus' traditional last-minute delay, they've gone and dropped the price by $10 instead. Score!


I tease Atlus, but only because they have a tendency to scoot their games across the calendar with whimsical abandon at times. There's not scooting this time, however. No, this time around the company is dropping the price of Trauma Team, one of its most hyped upcoming titles. The game will only set Wii owners back $39.99 now, which is only $5 away from your average big-name Nintendo DS release.

If you ask me, there's a dart board somewhere in Atlus' offices, filled with giant areas that read GAME DELAY or FREE SOUNDTRACK, and in the middle there's a tiny red PRICE DROP dot. The world is much simpler in my head.

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Michael Dukakis

They're going to see a surgeon sales.