The Power Behind Project Natal: PrimeSense

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You've heard all about Project Natal, but Microsoft's 3D motion controller solution would have fallen completely flat if not for PrimeSense's 3D sensing technology. What is PrimeSense?


PrimeSense is a company that creates technology that allows computers and, in this case, the Xbox 360, perceive the world in three dimensions. The PrimeSensor bathes the area in front of it in near-infra red light, with a standard CMOS image sensor reading the light back as code, which is then translated into data that a computer or game console can use.

From the press release heralding the deal between Microsoft and PrimeSense:

"We've seen tremendous excitement and anticipation for the arrival of ‘Project Natal' this holiday," said Ilan Spillinger, vice president of Xbox 360 hardware. "PrimeSense has delivered an important component to the technology, helping us deliver revolutionary controller-free entertainment experiences in the living room."

Indeed, it seems like PrimeSense is delivering the most important component of the Project Natal technology.

"PrimeSense's technology enables a paradigm shift in the way people interact with consumer electronic devices. The engagement with Xbox 360 establishes PrimeSense's position as a leading supplier of 3D-sensing technology," said Inon Beracha, chief executive officer, PrimeSense. "We are especially honored to have a partner like Microsoft who shares our vision for bringing innovative and engaging natural experiences to consumers."

It's always nice to put a name with a technology, isn't it?

Read more about PrimeSense's PrimeSensor technology here.

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You gotta love the fact that on every Natal article we have bashing by obvious fanboys saying M$ [notice the cleverness of using the dollar symbol since Microsoft is the only company out to make money] copies everything. Cause the PS Move is ten times more original right? I have looked at both the Move and Natal with the same interested eyes and praised Sony for their move to motion gaming, and that's coming from a Microsoft fanboy. I was hoping some of you would do the same.