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Who Wants Zombie Meat?

Illustration for article titled Who Wants Zombie Meat?

Mmmm... Nothing says "yum" like the walking dead. Or eating the walking dead. De-licious.


Spotted by website Pink Tentacle, here is some grayish-bluish "zombie meat" beef jerky which claims to be aged to dead perfection in the graveyard. It also claims to be "juicy". (The fine prints points out that this is, yes, beef jerky.) Not sure how widely this is being sold in Japan, but here you go:

Illustration for article titled Who Wants Zombie Meat?

The packaging also asks if you've ever seen blue meat like this. I haven't, and I think I'll pass!

Zombie meat [Pink Tentacle]

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It says *select shops* on the Pink Tentacle site. I wanna know which "select shops." If Family Mart or Lawson has them, I'm totally going out to get them tonight!