Hey, Maybe Eminem is Appearing for Call of Duty

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Eminem tweeted he'd appear in Activision's event at E3, and yesterday I joked "I don't think he's appearing on behalf of Call of Duty: Black Ops." Maybe he is. A track from his new album will be in the game.

Most would think of DJ Hero 2 first, but in a news release touting the soundtrack firepower in its upcoming games, Activision mentions "an edgy new track from Eminem's upcoming album 'Recovery,'" will be a part of the shooter. Not exactly period specific to Vietnam, but hey, whatever works.


As for DJ Hero 2, that will include Usher and his chart-topper "OMG," as well as an in-game appearance and music from David Guetta, the award winning house producer and DJ. Other producers and DJs include Deadmau 5 and Z-Trip.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will feature an unreleased song, "Black Rain" by the recently reunited Soundgardan. Other performers on that title will include Jane's Addiction, Black Sabbath and Megadeth. Finally, True Crime: Hong Kong will include music from Pharrell Williams and Rhea.

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Recovery is awesome