Mafia Wars Getting A Hollywood Movie? Not So Fast...

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Casual game Mafia Wars might make movie fodder. Twenty-five million people play it! That doesn't mean it will in fact be made into a movie. Yet.


A report stated that Mafia Wars was being developed into a movie with studio Radar Pictures, which would mean Mafia Wars is the first casual Facebook game to be turned into a feature film. This report, however, is apparently false.

Radar exec Mike Weber has told website Risky Business that this rumor is not true, joking, "It's starting to sound like a good idea for a movie". Hollywood, clogging up people's Facebook feeds one movie at a time.


Facebook Game ‘Mafia Wars' Being Developed as Feature Film? [/Film]

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*scratches head* ...Wouldn't it just be another mafia movie? The Godfather, Donnie Brasco, Goodfellas, Casino...

I suppose they could combine Farmville and Mafia Wars into some sort of hybrid movie...maybe call it Witness, but hey, what do I know?