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To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft

Soon, very soon, Mrs. Bashcraft and Mini-Bash will board an airplane for the U.S. It will be the first time that either has gone to America without me. The purpose of the trip? For them to learn English and about America.

The reason why I'm not going is that whenever we do go the States, both of them just chatter away in Japanese, expecting me to handle everything. So by me staying here, they'll be forced to use and learn the English language.

Mini-Bash doesn't speak much English at all. He doesn't hear much of it at home or school. Cheapy D, who lives in Tokyo, once told me that his kid can speak both English and Japanese equally well. Very envious of that!


Really hope that they have a good time. At the bare minimum, I just want them to have that, a good time. Ultimately, I don't want to put pressure on learning English, because that could backfire, causing them to hate it. For my son, I've always wanted him to speak/read/write his native language, Japanese, extremely well.

So even if he doesn't come back with a mastery of the language, hopefully he'll have good/interesting experiences in the States. While in the States both will be visiting my parents in Texas and then going on a trip to Colorado.

Yes, Colorado! Where you live! My dad is from Colorado and is keen to show them around. Oh, and they'll be staying in your house for about a week. So be sure to stock up on steaks and lobster. Oh? I didn't tell you? I'm sure I did.

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#corrections "...but of them just chatter away in Japanese..." should be "...both of them..." i assume.