Star Wars: The Old Republic Testing Begins

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If you've not signed up for a chance to beta test BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic, now would be a good time, as the process of putting the eagerly anticipated MMO through its paces gets underway.

The news comes by way of an email and a post on the Star Wars: The Old Republic website, letting eager fans know that the game has officially entered the testing phase. The first batch of lucky testers is being notified via email as you read this, so be sure to check those spam filters for lost messages.

And if you haven't gotten an email yet, don't give up! The testing for The Old Republic will be a tiered process, kicking off with small groups in North America and then branching out to other regions as the process proceeds.


If you'd like to apply for a testing slot, make sure you're a member of The Old Republic community, and then head over to the tester page to sign up.

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I've been signed up since it was first announced. I really hope I get in.. I also really hope I don't let it wreck my schoolwork.

I've hated MMOs since I quit WoW but this is The Old Republic.. I can't say no. Although I wish it had taken place during the Mandalorian Wars, or at least somewhere around the time of Revan and The Exile. Oh well, it's more likely that the MMO aspect will ruin the game and not the setting.

Still /cross fingers