Kevin Butler? No, You Mean Jerry Lambert

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For its latest ad campaign, Sony created tie-wearing trash-talking exec Kevin Butler. Kevin Butler isn't real, but fictional. That's why Sony created him, you know!

Jerry Lambert is the VP of bit parts on television. Not a bad thing, not a bad thing at all.

The actor behind Kevin Butler is Jerry Lambert, a veteran of stage and television. He's had roles in a wide-variety of programs that range from The John Larroquette Show and The Hughleys to 'Till Death and King of the Hill. In the above clip, Lambert appears on sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.

And here he is in comedy Sons & Daughters, talking about closets and wrenches.

He has also appeared in as a corporate spokesperson-type character for car insurance company Geico.

And here the actor is in one of several Holiday Inn commercials he appeared in.


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Oh man, I remember that Geico commercial. I wonder if they're kicking themselves for not keeping him around. Still, the Geico CEO character does play off the gecko well.