Obama And The Billboard

To: Ashcraft
From: Stephen
Re: Heading Back To Red Dead

I just finished Red Dead yesterday. You're in for a treat.

Remember that billboard I showed you yesterday? No changes to it. But, last night, people lined up on Houston Street to watch Barack Obama and his motorcade drive by.


I stumbled into the crowd of people while I was walking to the subway to go home. I assumed there had been a car accident. Why else would traffic have been backed up one way on Bowery, with sirens flashing all over the place? I got closer to the Houston Street and realized people were behind barricades and that cops were everywhere. I asked a guy what was going on and, at first, I thought he said "bomb." Nope. He said "Obama."

I shot a short video of people waiting. The notorious billboard is in the background.

What drama. Weird that so many people lined up, no?

A few minutes after I shot my video, Obama's very long motorcade full of motorcycles, sedans and trucks drove by. I thought I shot a video of that, but it's not on my iPhone. Sorry!


You know, it was dark and Obama's car windows were tinted — you can tell which one is his car because it has the Presidential Seal on the side — so you couldn't see anything. A guy on his cell phone told his friend, "Your man Barack just drove by." Someone else said he waved. Please. You couldn't see a thing.

I guess Obama drove by, but maybe that was the decoy! Who knows?

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Last month the prez was close to where I live. Actually, he was at the corner of Livingston and Parsons to highlight the need for jobs and talk about how the stimulus is helping the rank and file. It was near where some new additions for Children's Hospital are being built.

Two interesting things, though. About a block or so down Parsons is an adult book store (this is one of the grimier areas of Columbus). Nah, that's not interesting.

But the other interesting thing is that, while he was rattling on about the need for jobs around here, right next to this dog and pony show this worksite had to shut down for the day, thus losing the workers there money to feed their families for that day.

Irony tastes especially delicious sometimes...