Talk Football With The Madden Man Tomorrow

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Madden NFL 11 is on shelves now, and tomorrow we'll have the series' senior producer, Phil Frazier, take us inside this year's game and how it was built. Plus a special guest appearance by yours truly!

Frazier will be taking our questions and your calls, hopefully fully recovered from whatever hangover "Madden Gras" delivered down in New Orleans. As Kotaku's sports columnist, I'll be joining the discussion with Phil. Be sure to check out our review and our coverage, to get an idea of what we'll be discussing, and what you might want to ask him, too.


Tomorrow, just before 11 a.m. Mountain (1 p.m. Eastern) we'll publish a podcast reminder with call-in info. The show goes live a few minutes after the hour.

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Question number one:

"Sir, why didn't you add a "Choking" stat for just the Vikings?"