Back Off R2!

To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Tomorrow, I Turn 32

You know that short robot, the white and blue one? I think his name is R2D2, he's a real ass. I was walking through the Lucas Arts meeting area today and he rolled up on me, getting in my face bleeping away in his stupid language.

I stopped in my tracks and just glared at him and then pointed in his stupid face and said "Watch it." He seemed pretty pissed when I walked off, spouting off in whistling gibberish. Fuck him.


So it's Friday night in Cologne. We've been downstairs in the EA's big business center drinking down beers all evening as we work through our considerable stack of stories. There's still plenty more coming over the weekend and into next week. Tomorrow we plan to to spend the day on the show floor, covering the public face of this amazing game show. I still hope to get Fahey to hang-out tonight with the show's transient backpackers, but he doesn't seem too thrilled with the idea.

We'll see.

Oh, today is intern superstars Aulistar and Kate's last day. Lauren and Amber too are gone. They visited New York arcades for us, researched stories, created graphics, wrote posts. We will miss them, as we do all of our interns. It's kinda sad, but I suppose it's part of the intern circle of life. We are officially intern free come September. You know what that means? Editor needs moar interns!!!!

P.S. Happy Birthday Ash! You're still young... punk!

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Paradox me

The recent influx of Star Wars these past few days pleases me.

Even if it's only like two posts.