So How Much Is A Wii Remote Plus In Japan?

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Late last month, Nintendo confirmed that new Wii Remotes with on-board Wii MotionPlus. Today, the company has dated and priced the new Wii-motes, dubbed "Wii Remote Plus".


The Wii Remotes with Wii MotionPlus "inside" will be available in four colors: white, black, blue and pink. They will be released on November 11 and priced at ¥3,800 (US$46) each.

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does the built in motion+ make the remotes any heavier at all? i actually have always wanted the wii remotes to be a little heavier. it'd probably spell the end of a lot of breakable things in living rooms around the world, but i've always just sort of craved more weight in the wii remotes for some reason.