The Bit.Trip Fated To Continue October 25

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The penultimate chapter in Aksys Games' Bit.Trip saga opens on October 25, when rhythm-based on-rails shooter Bit.Trip Fate makes its WiiWare debut.


Beat, Core, Void, Runner, and now Fate. The fifth game in the six-game Bit.Trip series hits WiiWare on October 25, with CommanderVideo facing off against his greatest challenge yet. The Mingrawn Timbletot has transformed the world into a technological nightmare, and the commander will need to call on friends like Junior Melchkin and CommandgirlVideo to help save the day.

The past four entries in the Bit.Trip series have been incredibly charming and fiendishly playable. We'll see if the trend continues later this month!

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I wonder if they'll ever release all the games on one disk. I would love a best of wiiWare disk if Nintendo ever decided to make it.