Woman Kills Baby For Interrupting Farmville Session

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A 22 year-old woman from Jacksonsville, Florida has pleaded guilty to killing her baby son over a game of...Farmville.

Alexandra V. Tobias says her three-month old child, Dylan Lee Edmondson, had been crying while she was trying to play the popular Facebook casual game. This angered Tobias, who told authorities that she shook the baby, had a cigarette to calm herself down, then shook him again. It's believed he "may have hit his head during the shaking".

Dylan's death was classified as second-degree murder, a charge that carries the possibility of a life sentence in prison.


Jacksonville mom who shook baby for interrupting computer game pleads to murder [Florida Times-Union]

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Yeah I am saving this for next time someone tells me violent video games kill people, people kill people.