9 Days With Kinect, My Video Diary

One man lives with a Kinect for nine days. What happens? How does his mind change? What are the surprises? And where in the world does the guy go on Day 7? This is my Kinect Diary, in video.


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Stephen, Im glad you pointed out that you'd recieved it for free and so VFM wasn't an issue you could really cover; but to say you'd leave it plugged in doesn't really say much.

Time will tell as to how much use it gets, so it would be interesting for a follow up piece in maybe 4 -8 weeks as to the amount of use you get out of it from your own personal time.

Personally though I'm interested in how much reception this gets as I'm more interested in the overall gesture related OS/input system, than actually playing games this way(i'm old fasioned; calories should only be consumed and not burnt through gaming).

PS u is hairy dude!