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No, This Isn't Wii Fit For Babies

Illustration for article titled No, This Isnt Wii Fit For Babies

Those babies might be fat, but this Wii Fit Plus campaign isn't for them. It's for their moms.


Nintendo is targeting new mothers with Wii Fit Plus and has a load of data. According to Nintendo's data, 78 percent of new mothers do not exercise, with the two most popular reasons being that they must watch the baby and that they don't have enough time.

Women tell Nintendo that they'd like to regain their figure or lose weight — with the stomach in particular being an era of concern. Enter Wii Fit Plus! Never mind if one study says Wii Fit produces "underwhelming results", if a British woman lost 112 pounds thanks to Wii Fit, surely these ladies can drop those extra post-pregnancy pounds.


Wii Fit Plusで産後の運動を [Nintendo]

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There was that hot mom a while ago, I think she would be a good example.