FarmVille People Now Own Words With Friends People

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Zynga, the company behind FarmVille and the brand-new CityVille loved the 23-person company Newtoy so much that they said today that they've bought them. Newtoy? They make Words With Friends, just about the best game on iPad.


The news was made in a conference call today that started with Zynga executive David Ko saying that the FarmVille company wants to do more and more with its games on mobile platforms. Hence... grabbing Newtoy which has been very successful on all of the portable Apple devices.

Word with Friends has been downloaded 12 million times on iPad, iPhone and iPod. Newtoy also makes Chess With Friends and We Rule.

FarmVille has been downloaded to iPhone more than seven million times.

The Texas-based Newtoy will now be called "Zynga With Friends," a small, key branch to the 1300-person Zynga company. Ko declined to say what Zynga paid to get Newtoy.


So how much are we going to have to pay for blank tiles?