They've Got Jenga On The iPhone

The Natural Motion people know their physics. So they made a football game. And then they made a Jenga game.

This iPhone Jenga game costs $3 and is out now. In the video I show the regular mode and the arcade mode. If you love Jenga, I guess this is good, but it feels more like a decent physics toy to me — not a game I'd play a lot.

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Stephen - I actually thought the same thing as you when I read a review on this game last night... it serves to be nothing more than a great tech demo.

I bit the bullet and purchased the game and it's surprisingly fun.

Of course it can't ever beat the tactile nature of the actual physical Jenga set... but this game is incredibly polished and some painstaking detail has been put into the physics model and the controls.

It seems a tad too easy and forgiving in places but to its merit it thankfully avoids ever being frustrating and over punnishing.

Playing this with a few friends - passing the phone around between turns - is actually great fun.