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World Record Claimed On Game Rescued From The Dump

Illustration for article titled World Record Claimed On Game Rescued From The Dump

A 27-year-old video gaming world record has fallen to a British man playing on an arcade cabinet he rescued from a garbage dump nearly 20 years ago.


Justin Baxter, 38, set the record for Cosmic Monsters - a Space Invaders clone, to put it charitably - on a cabinet he'd rescued from a scrapyard in 1990. Baxter's new mark of 145,680 eclipsed a 1983 record of 105,310.

Small World News Service, which originally reported the item, listed Guinness World Records as the certifying authority of both marks. Twin Galaxies, now the official supplier of high score records to Guinness, lists no records for Cosmic Monsters. We've emailed Twin Galaxies to ask its position on this claimed record.


"I always wondered what it would be like to tell people I'm a world record holder and now I can find out," Baxter told SWNS. "I'm not sure how impressed they'll be though."

Computer Gamer Sets World Record On Game He'd Spent Ten Years Playing [SWNS, via Joystiq]

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On the one hand, I think that breaking records on obsolete games is not worth nearly as much praise as it gets.

On the other hand, most games don't provide scores anymore, so there aren't really any objective records to break.