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I don't know what it is about fighting game fans that makes them so passionate about their genre of choice they go and make documentaries about it, but I like it.

"Run It Back" is a short doco by Zaid Tabani, which takes a look at a group of Street Fighter players working their way through the regional finals of a tournament.

It's got fighting game footage and a ton of interviews, and while the whole thing is a little rough, the raw enthusiasm on show (and interviews with guys like Daigo) makes it well worth watching.

This is the third and final instalment of Run It Back; hit the Vimeo link below to see the other two.


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Adam Pawelski

So I've been meaning to get into fighting games for the longest time, and now I want to actually do it. I LOVE Dissidia, but I'm sure that's not quite the same as a 2D fighter.

Now, is there one that's good for starting out? I was thinking about SSFIV, or Blazblue. Each one seems entertaining. And then there's Tekken.

Also, does it matter which system you play on? Does the 360 have more people playing online than the Ps3 or PC? I have all three, so it doesen't matter to me.

And lastly, I was thinking about getting a stick right off the bat. Is there one you recommend that's in a good price range? I don't think I want to go above 100 dollars.

Edit: Also, do you think SSBB is a good game, or is that taken as a joke? Because when I played it, I was actually pretty damn good. Got 2nd place in a local tourney, only playing casually. Is SSBB a good fighting game, or is it considered a joke in the fighting game world?