A Deeper Look Inside Ghostbusters' Sanctum of Slime

Illustration for article titled A Deeper Look Inside Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime

You know, Atari's taking a big risk with its next Ghostbusters game. Huge risk. You say something like "Sanctum of Slime" and you're just asking for nasty double entendres about, well, you know ... goin' up ol' mustard road.

That's not what these eight screenshots are about, however. No, they're about the weapons the ghost-fighting team will use in the downloadable title for PS3, XBLA and PC, words like "proton stream," and "fermion shock."

On second thought, let's stick with "Sanctum of Slime."

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Michael Dukakis

Last time I went up ol' mustard road I ended up at the chocolate factory. What a shitty trip that was.