Football Player Loses Part Of Finger, Call Of Duty The Big Loser

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Tom Alexander, an up-and-coming Rugby Union player from Canberra, Australia, lost the top of his finger in a freak accident earlier this week. And he's bummed, not because he'll miss any football, but because it affects his Call of Duty.

I like this story. Not just because he plies his trade for my beloved hometown Brumbies, but because despite the fact Alexander (not pictured above) lost part of his body and saw his bones sticking out after he "jammed his right middle finger between two weights" at training, the thing that upsets him the most is the fact he just got a PlayStation 3.

''That's the upsetting part, I was really getting good at Call of Duty,'' Alexander told The Canberra Times. ''Ben just went and bought a Playstation 3 so we could play against all the other boys online and I was just getting good."


Ben is Tom's older brother, and plays not only for the Brumbies senior side but for Australia's national team as well.

''My hand's in a full cast and an elevated sling so I can't do anything but watch TV. They'll be better than me by the time I can play again.''

Our condolences, Tom.

Alexander lops top off finger [Canberra Times]

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Thats the first time I hear someone calling a Rugby player a Football player. Maybe thats just me.