This Guy Wants His Video Game Back

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But first he has to put on some makeup. With a Sharpie. And then find his sword.

Folks, meet Ricky Lee Kalichun, of Evansville, Ind. Cops say that last Wednesday he confronted a former roommate at his apartment building and requested the return of a television, a games console, and games. Sounds reasonable, except for the fact he looked like Darth Maul and smelled like Jim Beam.


Kalichun had put on his warpaint for this mission. Inside his former roomie's apartment he started unplugging the appliances and, when they hustled him out into the hall, Kalichup pulled a sword and started swinging for the fences. No one was hurt, luckily.

Aside from the tribal designs on his cheeks, I think I make out a sun and what appears to be a desert landscape on his forehead. There's also a crack drawn on his left eye socket - perhaps an homage to Deshawn Stevenson? At least there's no backward Pittsburgh Pirates P or a tattoo of Abe Lincoln on his neck.


Kalichun was charged with intimidation with a weapon and public intoxication.

Evansville Man Arrested After Alleged Sword Attack [The Courier Press, via Geekologie. Vandenburgh County Jail booking shot via the Courier Press.]

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