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The Favorite Games of Five Luminaries

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What games did some of the thinkers and titans of the game industry play in 2010?


That's the question that the New York Times' Seth Schiesel used to break the ice on his opening panel for this year's DICE summit last week. The answers may surprise you.

Mike Morhaime, president and CEO of Blizzard Entertainment
Word with Friends is what I play most with my friends. Playing with people you know always deepens the interaction.


Bruce Shelley, designer of Age of Empires III
Last year the game that really affected me was Frontierville. This is a real game, this is serious and this opened my eyes about the potential that could happen here.

Mark Cerny, designer of Marble Madness
I just love Flower. It is so fearless. It's a total commitment to an idea. To me it operates as art. Every frame of that game, you could put in a real picture frame and hang it on a wall.

Dr. Ray Muzyka, one of the founders of Bioware
Red Dead Redemption. The way they applied (the sense of exploration and an open world) to a western universe kind of surprised me. The story was great, the characterization, how they brought the characters to life. It surprised me how much I love it.

Dr. Greg Zeschuk, one of the founders of Bioware
Stuff on the iPhone. Every week it's like what's new? It has become so easy to play them. Trying to play Scott Adam's Pirate Adventure on an Apple II with a tape drive, that was hard to do. It's very easy to play on the iPhone.

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I don't know... Words with Friends? iPhone stuff? It's kind of like a film director saying that their favorite movie is the "Star Wars Kid" YouTube video. It just seems so disconnected from their audience. I mean Mark Cerny gets a pass, because he made Marble Madness - and Flower is more like an indie film. Muzyka gives props to RDR - I give him props for acknowledging the competition. The other guys though... I hope to God that those aren't ACTUALLY their favorite games.