An Arcade Reboot with a Cosplay Connection

Sometime this year, Peter Pepper will be climbin' up your ladders and stompin' your patties down in Burgertime HD, a PlayStation Network/Xbox Live reboot of the nearly 30-year-old arcade classic. The game has an interesting connection to someone featured on Kotaku in the past.


That would be Hezachan, the elite cosplayer known for her impersonations of I-No from Guilty Gear, Faye Valentine and, of course, Cutie Honey. She's engaged to one of the designers at Frozen Codebase, the studio hard at work on the game.


Now that we've made introductions, here's gameplay video from IGN, demonstrating Burgertime HD will be more complex than its ancestor. But it draws on the same whimsical soundtrack, harkening back to the calliope of a 1980s arcade.

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