Target Stores Now Taking Used DS For Store Credit

Prepping for the upcoming March 27 launch of the 3DS, Target reminds Kotaku that they now accept DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSXL as trade-ins for store credit at some stores. Current values are: DS - $20, DS Lite - $30, DSi - $45, DSXL - $60. Not bad for essentially cash. But GameStop is running a better deal for 3DS credit right now.

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Not bad? Umm. No. I disagree. Sure, if you bring in your banged-up dsi xl that you used to club seals to death with for a whole season and get 60$ then yeah. It's a fair deal, especially considering all the matted seal fur you need to scrub out of it.

But bring it in mint and get that price? Nein!

I know, i know, if you're (i.e. *me*) not happy then just sell it somewhere else (like eBay, whatever).

Just wanted to do a bit of ranting. Done! :)