Could You Play Street Fighter IV With Your Face? And Win?

Mike "Broly" Begum is a Street Fighter IV player from Texas. And he's pretty damn good. What makes Mike's success notable, though, is the fact he's so good despite having to play the game with his face.

Begum was born with arthrogryposis, which has left him with only partial use of one arm. While this would normally prevent the less determined from even playing a video game, let alone getting good at one, Mike has found a way to combine his partial hand use with his cheek and tongue to turn himself into quite the Chun-Li player.

Oh, and he's awesome at Smash Bros., too.

Interview w/ Broly Legs, Disabled SSF4 Chun-Li Player [Cross Counter TV]

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technically theirs nothing special about this cause we play with our hands, cause we can, and he plays with his mouth and lil hand cause he can.. but the special thing i think is that he had the willpower to learn to play like that.. but if he didnt have chun li would he still play? i noticed he can only press 4 buttons sooo... you'd be suprised when limbs are taken away, how much you can accommodate for their loss

it reminds of the time i broke most of my fingers except for my middle and index and i wanted to play killer instinct on the 64 so bad i eventually started picking saberwolf cause you can do alot with just 2 buttons.. since then i love that guy, most badass fighting character ive ever played.. well him and glacius.. damn uppercut teleports >.<