Citizens on Patrol

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You know, Mahoney, I'd like to spend the next ten weeks breaking you into little pieces. But I won't. Because you're bad. You're bad for morale, Mahoney. Oh, you look like the sweet little boy from next door. But you don't fool me, oh no. You're the devil, and you're rotten to the core, and you're ruining my chance to train some people who might make pretty good cops!


People forget that the first Police Academy was actually pretty damn funny. But I propose a law that any comedy getting a third sequel be automatically subtitled "Citizens on Patrol."


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Since I've already reached a point of a reduction in game purchases to save money, I may not need to bother with signing up for GameStop's PowerUp Rewards system, even though my EDGE card is also expiring next month. I'm just waiting for a good time to pre-order ME3, and I also need to decide which store gets my generous business this time (I want to have my copy sent to my house, so I will order online). And, that gaming mouse actually looks pretty good if I can get it at the discounted price. I may probably get something similar to that if I can't figure out how to fix the state of my current wireless mouse. Does anyone here know how to fix the "double-click effect" (double-clicking on-screen when only physically clicking once) or a good place to find the answer? Thanks.