Name The Old Video Game References, Retro City Rampage Edition

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Retro City Rampage is an homage to old games, old games like the first Grand Theft Auto and even older games such as... well... can you spot the references?

This is the official movie-style poster for the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade and WiiWare game. The game's pixel artist Maxime Trépanier painted it and filled it with old-school references and, according to the game's lead developer Brian Provinciano, "some easter eggs if you look carefully!"

The game's XBLA release is set for summer, with WiiWare to follow later in the year. Watch 10 minutes of it, to see if it's your kind of throwback.


Retro City Rampage artwork [Official RCR site]

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Yeah, I'm thinking I see a Doctor Who reference with the porta potty.