Mobile Games Maker Sends a Message With Amnesty International App

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The iOS games studio Mobigame - best known for titles like Edge and Perfect Cell - has teamed up with Amnesty International to publish a game raising money for the human rights advocacy organization, observing its 50th anniversary this year.


Bulletproof, costing 99 cents on the iTunes App Store, places the player as a political prisoner in front of a vaguely North Korean firing squad. The gameplay objective is to deflect incoming shots by touching on green crosshairs indicating their target. The frequency and difficulty of the volleys increases with each round.

Mobigame and Amnesty International say the app is meant to raise awareness of Amnesty International's mission and, of course, proceeds from its sale contribute to that.

Bulletproof [iTunes]


You know what would be cool and profoundly educational?

An escape from North Korea game. Divided into several chapters:

- Preparation. Make preparations to escape from North Korea without alerting government spies in your little home village. What will you take? Will your family come with you? What will happen to them if you leave them behind?

- Escape: Cross the frozen Yalu and evade border guards, minefields, and other obstacles as you escape into the land of freedom and opportunity, China.

- Fugitive: Make your way through China as an illegal migrant without arousing suspicion from Chinese police, who will deport you back to North Korea if you're caught. Rely upon sympathizers and networks of ethnic Koreans in China for support and aid as you make your way out of the country.

You win when you reach the South Korean embassy in (insert country here), hopefully with all your family members, making you eligible to apply for asylum and start a new life.