Namco Tops Competitors in Race for Swankiest Game Junket

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Back in April, I was standing in a Miami beach-front hotel talking to people from Capcom, the games publisher that invited people like me to check out their new games. (We paid our own way, if you care). I joked that they could up the ante and do their event in Dubai next year. Too expensive, they laughed.

Not too expensive for Capcom's sometimes-rival Namco, I guess.

Namco's been holding an event in the world's most luxurious city this week. We're not there, though we're catching the news that's been trickling out.


The main accommodations are the Madinat Jumeirah resort. One could say that the place is impressive.

I was hoping that games reporters who went out there had captured some of the local flavor, but so far, the best I've found is an upside-down video of a nice hotel room.

(Madinat Jumeirah resort, with the fancier Burj al Arab towering in the background | DesertRose Tourism)

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I've gotten a taste of the filthy rich gaming underbelly over the past few years from mobile gaming press events, and this honestly doesn't surprise me. These publishers are swimming in money. I'm actually surprised you had to pay your own way to Miami! I was once flown to Billabong's SoCal HQ to spend a couple hours surfing, and left with a $450 wetsuit that hadn't even been released yet. All for an iPhone game. O_O